PolyCheems is digital money for modern pets

A new way to earn income, get amxious healthcare services and save for your pets future.

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Cheems is a culture nowadays, among, memes, games, paintings and concept art, etc. Cheems has shown us that a meme has the power to change the perspective of an image and even a social status. At Polycheems we want to support that idea, and that's why we have decided to become the official cheems token. Creating a token that can help our furry pups with ammxiety! That is why we have created an ammmbitious project seeking for the search to raise awareness not only with a token, but with a strong community in order to continue our struggle to reduce ammxiety everywhere.

Polycheems is not only a token that generates returns, but it will reward you with more tokens just for holding hands thanks to its powerful smart contract. In the same way, Polycheems will allocate a part of each transaction as a donation to shelters and we will go further on this seeking to create a Polycheems Healthcare Center to our furry friends, and thus be able to create awareness in the world.



Transparency is the priority with our cheemvestors, so you will always know whats happening on Polycheems, our smart contract is fighting Amxiety also! That's why every Tx have the following taxes:

2% Auto liquidity

  • Every tx 2% of every buy and sell will add 2% of cheems-usdc LP tokens to the liquidity pool, so we will reach higher Ath and higher supports.

2% Redistributed to holders

  • Also we love giving back to our community! 2% of each tx will be sent to all holders... so you will keep receiving tokens with every Tx.

3% Dev Wallet (1.5% manual burns - 1.5% dev)

  • 1.5% of every tx will be used for manual burns, buybacks and various needs on the project, we will always inform the community what are we doing with Polycheems tokens in our social media, FULL TRAMMSPARENCY!
  • 1.5% of every tx will be used for developing costs.
  • Unruggable
  • Automatic Farming
    Automatic Farming
  • Transparent Team
    Transparent Team
  • Fully Descentralized
    Fully Descentralized
  • Rising Price Floor
    Rising Price Floor


The Anxious Team!


Frequently asked questions

  • Why you should buy polycheems?

    Because it will make you ammmmmxious to see how has grown up in price because of the great project it represents and you will regret not embarking with us on this adventure. Polycheems is a reflective token that rewards its holders with more $ PolyCheems, as its powerful smart contract is designed to return a portion of each transaction to all of our cheemvestars.Our self-liquidity automatically adds more LP tokens so support margin are higher and higher. And the most important thing is that we will join forces to donate to dog shelters, and thus be able to take care of our furry dogs!

  • How to buy polycheems?

    Polycheems is available on the Polygon network. To use this network, you must configure your wallet to use Matic Network (we have a section on how to configure your wallet. You must have Matic tokens for gas rates. Finally, you would have to buy for Polycheems on the exchange Quickswap.

  • What is the address of the Polycheems contract?

    The PolyCheems contract address is: 0xf74703cc85d760a65018d9a4b393ff22fff9be08. Don't fall for third-party scams. Make sure to check at least 3 times that it is the correct contract, we want to be part from the DeFi world, therefore we will also give advice on how not to fall for commonly known scams.

  • What marketing is planned for PolyCheems?

    Polycheems has a team of community professionals and volunteers who work constantly behind the scenes on updates, partnerships, social media, and more. As you can see, this has been working very well and we will continue to increase our efforts.

  • Was there a pre-sale?

    No. By having a fair launch, everyone has the same opportunity.

  • Has PolyCheems been audited?

    Our plan is to audit it as soon as possible, we must first look for the most appropriate options to carry out an audit keep in mind that as soon as it is done we will notify you.

  • Will they burn the tokens?

    That's right, in the case of Polycheems the burning will be done manually. We will burn constantly.

  • What plans do you have for the future?

    The possibilities of polycheems are incalculable, we have big plans for our little quadruped friend. Farms, NFTs market, games, are some of many possibilities. We suggest holding on for dear life.

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